Realize the intelligence of manufacturing

Provide the world's most advanced artificial intelligence
3D vision overall solution
  • Company Profile
    Shiyan Intelligent Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to empowering China's manufacturing industry through the R&D and innovation of artificial intelligence 3D vision technology. Provide artificial intelligence 3D vision overall solutions for the fields of automobile manufacturing, machining, heavy machinery, 3C and new energy.
  • Our mission
    Digital changes lives
    Free manufacturing workers from repetitive, physically demanding, and dangerous work
  • Our vision
    TO BE NO.1

    To be China's advanced 3D machine vision system

    Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence/AI Models

Innovation empowers the future  Service exceeds expectations

Company Culture
International top  Research ability
The R&D team comes from outstanding experts from all over the world
Innovation-based  Pursue excellence
Use AI technology to achieve the ultimate in disorderly grabbing
Ultimate product  Deep intelligence
Focus on the rapid iteration of artificial intelligence products
Integration of resources  Service market
Pay attention to customer needs and solve market problems
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