3D guided gluing system for automobile body

Publisher: Shiyan  Time:12/11/2021 5:09:06 PM

  • Case background

    Based on the application of bonding and sealing in body manufacturing, it is necessary to apply glue to body structural parts. At present, manual operation is widely used. According to the contour of different body structural parts, manual gluing is completed manually, which has low efficiency, and the gluing quality is difficult to be consistent and stable, and it is difficult to control.

    Technical difficulties

    01. The complex contour of car body mechanism brings great challenge to path path generation.
    02. The surface color and material of body structure parts are diverse, which affects the imaging effect.
    03. The precision of glue path guide track is required to be high, and the deviation of glue path shall be controlled within ±1MM.


    01. High precision 3D intelligent vision sensor + customized 3D point cloud algorithm and robot trajectory planning.
    02. High precision 3D machine vision can use body parts of different materials and colors, and can stably and reliably generate high-precision point cloud images. Combined with the trajectory generation algorithm based on artificial intelligence algorithm, the accuracy of gluing trajectory can be realized within ± 0.5mm.
    03. The image acquisition and operation of 3D machine vision system are at the millisecond level, which can support real-time guidance.
    04. Realize 3D machine vision and seamless action of robot, and achieve high-precision and efficient automatic cooperation.

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