3D random bin picking system

  • System specification
    The machine 3D disorderly grasping replaces the traditional tooling fixture, and is designed for the scattered and disorderly stacked workpieces, which can assist the robot to complete the 3D intelligent grasping efficiently and accurately, and solve the problem of flexible tooling. High precision, high efficiency and high versatility are the most significant advantages of 3D vision positioning system.
  • System Components
    3D Industrial Camera
    Choose the camera type and model with the corresponding field of view and accuracy according to the situation
    A component of the vision solution, which automatically generates AI models based on deep learning algorithms for identification and positioning
    Visual program components
    Industrial robot
    Select different types of industrial robots according to the workpiece weight and process range
    Robot Gripper
    Design robot grippers according to workpiece shape and process
    Automated Workstation Integration
    Integrate workstations and hardware and software for process implementation
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