3D vision random bin picking expert

Instead of traditional fixtures, it is designed for scattered and disorderly stacked workpieces, which can assist robots to efficiently and accurately complete 3D intelligent grasping, and solve the problem of flexible tooling.
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  • High flexibility and
    strong applicability
    1 model, N kinds of workpieces
    Based on the AI algorithm of transfer learning, Shiyan's AI recognition model can identify any type of workpiece without repeated training
  • Simple operation and
    easy maintenance
    Automatically generate AI models
    Only need to provide the CAD drawing of the workpiece, without manual annotation, the AI recognition model can be generated with one click, without debugging, and the operation is simple
  • The system is stable
    and reliable
    Strong anti-interference ability
    The AI model still operates stably and reliably under harsh lighting conditions and workpiece material.
  • Process simulation
    Digital Prototype Verification Scheme Feasibility
    First build a digital prototype to simulate the vision software, robot trajectory, PLC program, etc. to ensure operation according to the established process route, saving a lot of debugging time on site
Deep learning algorithms automatically generate AI models for identification and positioning and operate with high reliability around the clock, enabling fast, flexible and accurate production
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    it recognizes
    Through the high-speed and accurate 3D structured light imaging system, the surface contour of the object is scanned to form point cloud data;
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    it controls
    Intelligent analysis and processing of point cloud data, adding AI algorithms, automatic robot path planning, automatic anti-collision and other intelligent technologies;
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    it performs
    Calculate the real-time spatial coordinates of the current workpiece, and guide the robot to complete the automatic grasping task. Assist robot integrators to quickly complete 3D positioning solutions;


The fusion of 3D machine vision and deep learning algorithms gives robots the "perception ability" and "hand-eye coordination ability" of the real environment, enabling them to perform tasks by thinking, solving the problem of disorderly grasping in the field of industrial robot sorting
  • out-of-order fetch

    Machine 3D disorderly grabbing replaces traditional fixtures, and completes 3D intelligent grabbing accurately and effectively
  • Point cloud trajectory guidance and positioning system

    Guide the robotic arm to achieve a certain process flow according to the required trajectory
Machine Vision, Immediate ROI
Lower the cost
Reduce customer churn
Shorter cycle times
Reduce labor costs
Improve efficiency
Faster computing program
More accurate camera
More sensor
More flexible
Accurately grasping and positioning workpieces
Flexible tooling for production lines

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